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Advances in Architectural Geometry 2020

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Jan Brütting and colleagues from the Structural Xploration Lab (SXL) present their research on kit-of-parts structures at the Advances in Architectural Geometry (AAG) conference. AAG is a conference where both theoretical and practical work linked to new geometrical developments is presented. Its aim is to connect researchers from academia and the industry. AAG has become a reference in the field and is supported by the direct participation of the most renowned architectural design and engineering offices along with research laboratories.

The SXL has contributed the conference paper Synthesis of kit-of-parts structures for reuse. The developed form-finding method is deeply liked to and extends existing architectural geometry rationalization methods to design a kit of parts whose linear bars and spherical joints can be used to build multiple structures of diverse shape and to reuse all elements over multiple service cycles.

The Advances in Architectural Geometry 2020 conference, which was originally planned to happen in Paris in 2020, was held fully virtual from April 26th to 29th, 2021. The video presentation of our paper can be watched on YouTube and the preprint of the conference paper is available on here.