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Research and Design Workshop on Circular Economy

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July 2nd, 2019 — 1-4 PM — smart living lab (Halle Bleue, Fribourg)

This Tuesday July 2nd, the smart living lab is hosting an expert workshop on the circular economy in the construction sector. The workshop gathers industrial, governmental, and academic stakeholders frrom all over Switzerland. Following introductory talks by Martin Fröhlich (Prof. of Architecture, EAST, EPFL) and Jan Brütting (SXL, EPFL), experts will debate on the needs for research and design to further the implementation of circular economy in the swiss construction context.

The workshop is organized by the Structural Xploration Lab (EPFL, smart living lab: C.De Wolf & C. Fivet) and the IIMT (Uni. of Fribourg, smart living lab: Anton Sentic). The workshop is part of a series launched by Losinger Marazzi earlier this year.