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Circular Strategies – Towards a sustainable built environment

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Jan Brütting (SXL) has been invited to present his work at the symposium “CIRCULAR STRATEGIES – Towards a sustainable built environment” at the Institute of Architecture of the University of Applied Arts “Die Angewandte” in Vienna.

The symposium will address the adverse ecological footprint of architecture and urban development and focus on circular economy strategies to reduce impacts on different scales – from building components to the urban fabric – and under two aspects: How can existing materials, buildings and urban areas be adapted and reused, and how can components, architectural objects and cities be designed for future reuse and transformation? The symposium features a large group of renowned international experts from architecture and social ecology presenting and discussing their work with the audience.

In line with the aim of the symposium, Jan will be presenting a synthesis of his PhD research under the title “Form follows availability – Designing load-bearing structures through component reuse”. The presentation covers new developments on computational methods 1) to design reticular structures from a stock of reclaimed elements, and 2) to design a kit of parts that can be used to build multiple structures.

The symposium recordings are available via Youtube (from minute 21′).