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Expert Lecture – Workshop – Circular Economy in Structural Design

DRIVEN is an incubation program aiming to embed advanced computational design strategies in early stage entrepreneurship for a Circular Economy. As part of their training program, DRIVEN is frequently hosting workshops for established designers, architects, makers, and entrepreneurs that are eager to learn more in order to grow a community with a wider sensibility of design within the circular economy.

The next workshop entitled “Circular Economy in Structural Design” will take place from January 11 to 15 and is tutored by Klaas de Rycke, Georgia Margariti, Sandie Fenton, Marie Paschke, and Ludovic Regnault of the renowned structural engineering practice Bollinger+Grohmann. With focus on timber structures, the workshop will incorporate carbon footprint evaluation and life cycle assessment into a structural design workflow. Futher, the workshop will focus on principles about recycled materials in the building industry, coupled to an introduction to parametric structural design and optimization tools.

Because of the close link of the workshop topics to his research, SXL postdoctoral researcher Jan Brütting has been invited to give an expert lecture to the workshop participants and Bollinger+Grohmann engineers. Jan will present an overview of his completed PhD work as well as a brief introduction to new research projects.