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Works by SXL featured in the book “Upcycling”

The research of SXL is featured in the new book “Upcycling” by Daniel Stockhammer (ed.).

The book “Upcycling – Reuse and Repurposing as a Design Principle in Architecture” by Daniel Stockhammer (ed., Uni Liechtenstein) explores the potential of historical concepts of upcycling – the qualitative recycling of buildings and building components – and confronts them with new developments in architectural and building practice. Importantly, the authors look into the question of whether and how new solutions could be found for future architecture. “Recycling and upcycling” should not be a matter of idealism, but rather present an argument for economy and the quality of structure and design.

The book features a list of contributions from researchers, historians, practitioners and students such as Alberto Alessi, Barbara Buser, Jürg Conzett, Elisabeth Crettaz-Stürzel, Anja Diener, Philipp Entner, Hanna Kuzniatsova, Silke Langenberg, Hans Rudolf Meier, Lisa Ochsenbein, Johannes Rederer, Nicholas Ransome, Fetanete Rashiti and Daniel Stockhammer.

As part of their essay “From Linear to Circular Construction”, Philipp Entner and Daniel Stockhammer show the optimization methods to design structures from a stock of reclaimed elements developed by Jan Brütting at the Structural Xploration Lab. As a highlight, our conceptual design of a train station roof made from electric pylon elements is illustrated.

Get the book from the publisher Triest Verlag. The book is bilingual in German and English.

Read more about SXL’s research on the featured train station case study in our Structures journal paper.

Fun fact: the book cover is of hand-made paper, recycling old books that the authors have donated.

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