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The ski pavilion at the Biennale Architecture Lyon

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The ski pavilion developed by the Structural Xploration Lab (smart living lab, ENAC) took part in the grand opening of the biennale of architecture lyon (BAL) in the Sucrière, Lyon, France. The “Waste your time, not materials!” project showcases the need to reduce, repair and reuse components rather than manufacturing new ones. These three actions are not energy-demanding, but they are timeconsuming. Time is a natural resource that our urban priorities value too much. And time is humanity’s unlimited resource that should worth less than earth’s limited resource. The pavilion reclaims 210 skis in what is called as an ‘elastic gridshell’. The pavilion will remain in place for two weeks. It will then be reassembled in the Centre Commercial Part-Dieu, Lyon and will eventually come back in the outdoor vicinity of the Sucrière. More info can be found on the here.